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Weekly Results Ladies Monthly Medal


Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 67

2nd Denise Cook 69

3rd Sandy Lockhard 72.


Least Putts: Sue Farrell 26


Stableford Mens Winner Brad Cook 41

2nd John Coll BS 42

3rd Chris Scells BS 40

4th Bob McKinstry BS 39 C/B

5th Daniel Wix BS 39

6th Col Dunn BS 38

7th Mark Pearl 37 C/B

8th Karl Blyth 37


Pin Shots

No 9 – Null & Void – was accidentally removed before end of Comp

No 16: Brad Cook 3.156


Birdy Pool: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner

Weekly Results Ladies Foursomes- Sponsor CMR Recycling. 


Ladies Gross Winners: Sue Farrell and Sudie Blinco 127

Ladies Nett Winners: Sandra Hellwege and Jan Johnson 97.5.


Pin Shots:

No 3: Jan Blyth

No 7: Pam Lindeberg

No:19: Sudie Blinco

No 23 Jan Johnson

Mens CMR Rosebowl Foursomes. Thanks to CMR  Recycling 

Mens Gross Winners: Chris Goulevitch and Blair Southward 102  - Chris won 26years ago! 

Gross R/Up: Adam Fletcher and Sean Fletcher 106

Nett Winners: Martin Francis and Shane Vine 98.50

Nett R/Up: Barny Robinson and Jarrod Wilson 99.


Pin Shots

No 3: Chris Goulevitch

No 7: Paul Flysha

No:19: Mick Moule  

No 23: Skinner.



Weekly Results Single Stableford 25th October

No ladies comp due to Toyota Shield. Ladies were in Men’s field.



Winner Mick Lally 39

2nd John Rutland MKY 41

3rd Justin Strong MOR 41

4th Luke Camphius MOR 40

5th Dave Lockhard 38

6th Rob Whalan 37 C/B

7th John McClymont 37

8th: Karl Blyth 37


Pin Shots

No 9: Eddie Ramsamy 2.30

No 12 Eddie Halat


Birdy Pool: 7: Blair Southward & Jason Bradford

Visitors Birdy Pool: 11 Skinner




Weekly Results Monthly Medal 18th October – Sponsored by Meat on Shakespeare.


Ladies Winner: Bec Knight 68

2nd Sudie Blinco 69

3rd Barbara Chzanowski 71


Least Putts: Tie between Pam Lindeberg and Sudie Blinco 29


Mens A Grade Winner: Barny Robinson 67

A Grade R/Up Jarrod Wilson 68

Mens B Grade Winner: Denis Cook 68

Mens B Grade R/UP: Steve Lally 72

2nd Chris Scells BS 67

3rd Will McClymont 69

4th Ross Elliott PV 71

5th Colin Dunn BS 71

6th Blair Southward 71

7th Eddie Halat 72

8th Steve Penfold 72


Pin Shots

No 9: Kevin Turner .97

No 16: Rodney Allen 4.25


Eagles Nest: A Skinner

Birdy Pool: No 5 Shared between Mick Lindeberg and Peter Brittain

Visitors Birdy Pool No 7:  Ian Duthie

Weekly Results Single Stroke 4 October 2020 – Combined Comp – Ayr Ladies Open was on.


Mens Winner Les Fitzsimmons 64

2nd Aaron Dowe 67

3rd Harold Brookes 69 C/B

4th Bill Grainger 69

5th Aaron Hoffman 69

6th Mick Lindeberg 69

7th Kevin Turner 70 C/B

8th Brad Cook 70

9th Greg Chrzanowski 70.


Pin Shots

No 9: Les Fitzsimmons

No 16 Brad Cook


Birdy Pool: No 6 – Split 4 ways! Shane Vine, Andrew Enfantie, Peter Brittain, and Martin Francis!


Visitors Birdy Pool: No 8 : Skinner



Weekly Results Single Stableford 27th September 2020


Ladies Winner: Sue Allsopp 38

2nd Karen Vella 35


Pin Shots:

No 9: Pam Lindeberg – IN THE HOLE!


Mens Winner Robert Bann 39

2nd John Coll BS 40

3rd Luke Lauder BS 40

4th Dave Dryden 39

5th Ian Duthie HOW 38

6th Eddie Halat 38

7th Mick Lindeberg 38

8th Chris Goulevitch 38


Pin Shots

No 6: Kevin Hellwege 1.36

No 12: John McClymont 1.32


Birdy Pool: No 7:  Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 14: Skinner



Weekly Results Single VSS 20th September


Ladies Winner: Jan McInnes +1

2nd Sue Farrell 0

3rd Lee Craig


Pin Shots:

No 16: Pam Lindeberg 7.06


Mens Winner Bill Grainger +6

2nd Gavin Moran +6

3rd Kevin Hellwege +5

4th Steve Amos +4

5th Herman van Uitert +2

6th Shane Hoffman +1

7th Brad Cook 0


Pin Shots

No 9: Shane Hoffman 4.1

No 16:  Dan Wix 2.28


Birdy Pool: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner


Weekly Results 13th September Monthly Medal Stroke.


Ladies Winner: Judy Hughes 37

2nd Nola Giddins 71

3rd Bev Dunn 72


Least Putts: Nola Giddins


Mens A Grade Winner: Eddie Halat 67

B Grade R/Up Herman Van Uitert 70

Mens B Grade Medal Winner Boyd Williams 70

Mens B Grade Trophy Winner Shawn Keighley (already won MM)

A Grade R/Up Bob Bann 68

2nd Brett Scells BS 68

3rd Tim Hughes 68

4th Kevin Semmens 69

5th Richard Green MKY 69

6th Peter Brittain 69

7th Ian Duthie 70


Pin Shots

No 12: Ting Li 1.9

No 6: Peter Brittain


Eagles Nest: A Skinner

Birdy Pool: No 185: Boyd Williams

Visitors Birdy Pool Skinner



Weekly Results 6th September Single Stableford


Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 37 C/B

2nd Judy Hughes 37

3rd Ruthe Grainger 37


Pin Shots:

No 6: Nola Giddins 34cm


Mens Winner Mick Lally 40

2nd Jeff New 37

3rd Aaron Hoffman 37

4th Herman Van Uitert 37

5th Steve Kerr 37

6th Steve Amos 36

7th Darren Sinn (SGA) 36


Pin Shots

No 9: JB Baldwin 4.4

No 12: Kevin Hellwege 5.48

Eagles Nest: Skinner

Birdy Pool: No 6: Bill Grainger and David Hobbs

Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner


Weekly Results 30th August 2020 Mens 4BBB – Ladies Open


Mens Winner: Bill Grainger and John Wouters 82

2nd Eddie Halat and Greg Chrzanowski 73

3rd Brad Cook and Jason Bradford 72


Pin Shots

No 6: Ralph Pritchard


Weekly Results 22 August 2020 – Ladies 4BBB – Mens Open


Ladies Winner: Bev Dunn and Sue Allsopp 43

2nd Nola Giddins and Lee Craig 40


Pin Shots:

No 9 Pam Lindeberg


Weekly Results 16 August 2020 Monthly Medal Sponsored by Range to Reef Electrical.


Ladies Winner: Bev Dunn 69

2nd Sudie Blinco 70

3rd Robyn White 72

Least Putts: Bev Dunn 28


Mens A Grade Winner: Steve Kerr 66

Mens B Grade Winner: Peter Rogers 63

A Grade R/Up Eddie Halat 68

B Grade R/Up Jake Farrell 66

2nd Terry Wallace BS 67

3rd Bill Grainger 68

4th Brad Cook 68

5th Rod Allen BS 69

6th Peter Brittain 69


Pin Shots

No 6 Tim Robinson

Eagles Nest: A Skinner

Birdy Pool: A Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool #5 Rod Allen BS


Weekly Results 9th August Single Stableford


Ladies Winner: Karen Vella 35

2nd Lee Craig 31


Pin Shots:

No 16: Bev Dunn 2.05m


Men’s Winner: Michael Nicholson 43

2nd Kev Davies 39

3rd Bob Sorensen 39

4th John Baldwin 38

5th Jeff New 37

6th Phil Steele 37

7th Ian Dunn (BS) 37


Pin Shots

No 9: Michael Dunn 1.38

No 16: Ting Li 3.7m


Birdy Pool: 9 – Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 14: Trent Budby (BS)


Weekly Results 2nd August Single Stableford


Ladies Winner: Lee Craig 35

2nd Sue Allsopp 34


Pin Shots:

No 6: Sue Allsopp 4.48cm

Men’s Winner: Kevin Turner 36

2nd John Wouters (HOW) 38

3rd John Rutland (M) 38

4th Rodney Allen (BS) 38

5th John Coll (BS) 36

6th Dave Lockhard 35

Pin Shots

No 6: Kevin Semmens 1m

No 12: Kevin Turner 2.86m


Birdy Pool: 3 – Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 10- Skinner


Weekly Results 26th July Single VSS


Ladies Winner: Bec Knight +1

2nd Robyn White -1

3rd Barbara Chrzanowski -1


Pin Shots:

No 16: Barbara Chrzanowski


Men’s Winner: David Hobbs +7

2nd Andrew Enfantie +2

3rd Steve Lockhard +2

4th Peter Brittain +1

5th Don Smith – Square

6th Steve Amos – Square

7th Kevin Turner – Square


Pin Shots

No 9: John Wouters

No 16: Ralph Pritchard


Birdy Pool: 13 – Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 4 - Skinner



Weekly Results 19th July 2020 Monthly Medal Sponsored by Flysha Trade Agencies.


Ladies Winner: Karen Vella 69

2nd Sue Farrell 71

3rd Nola Giddins 72


Least Putts – Robyn White and Nola Giddins tie with 28 putts.


Mens A Grade: Glen Carey 68

Mens B Grade: Shawn Keighley 66

Mens A Grade R/Up: Dave Lockhard 69

Mens B Grade R/Up: Herman Van Uitert 68

2nd Rod Allen BS 68

3rd Greg Chrzanowski 69

4th Guy Stuckey 69

5th Eddie Ramsamy BS 70

6th Barny Robinson 70


Pin Shots

No 9: Glen Carey 1.98

No 12: Kev Davies 2.54


Eagles Nest Skinner .

Members Birdy Pool No14: 4 way split -  Barny Robinson, Nola Giddins, Chris Goulevitch and Peter Brittain. 4 Visitors also has birdy on no 14.


Visitors Birdy Pool No 9: Rod Allen & S Templeton.


Weekly Results Stableford 12th July


Ladies Winner: Robyn White 41

2nd Nola Giddins 36C/B

3rd Lee Craig 36

Pin Shots

No 6: Skinner


Mens Winner: Brad Cook 40C/B

2nd Kevin Semmens 40

3rd Doug Thaiday 40

4th Sean Fletcher 39 C/B

5th Adam Fletcher 39

6th Alec MacDonald 38

7th Rob Whalan 37 C/B

8th Ian Duthie (HOW) 37

9th Ting Li 37

Pin Shots

No 9: Ralph Pritchard 4.02

No 16: Karl Blyth 2.48


Birdy Pool No 8 Peter Brittain & Bob Sorenson

Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner



Weekly Results 5th July 2020 Stableford


Ladies Winner:  Robyn White 38

2nd Bev Dunn 36

3rd Lee Craig 32


Pin Shots

No 16: Skinner


Men’s Winner:  Andrew Enfantie 41

2nd Tai Moa (BS) 42

3rd Tim Robinson (BS) 42

4th John McClymont 40

5th Robert Whalan 39

6th Guy Stuckey 39

7th James Goss (MKY) 38

8th Ken Blinco 38


Pin Shots

No 6: Ralph Pritchard

No 12: Tim Robinson


Birdy Pool No 10: Dennis Gregson


Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner.

Congratulations to all!



MENS CLUB CHAMP:  Peter Brittain 143

A GRADE GROSS WINNER: Chris Goulevitch 152

A GRADE GROSS R/UP : Adam Fletcher 160   

B GRADE GROSS WINNER: Harry Brookes 170

B GRADE GROSS R/UP:  Ting Li 174


C GRADE GROSS R/UP: James Austin 194




A GRADE NETT R/UP: Steve Kerr 146


B GRADE NETT R/UP: Guy Stuckey 144

C GRADE NETT WINNER: Peter Rogers 149

C GRADE NETT R/UP: Eddie Ortiz 151




A GRADE GROSS WINNER: Pam Lindeberg 190



C GRADE GROSS R/UP: Barb Chrzanowski 217



A GRADE NETT WINNER: Sudie Blinco 157

B GRADE NETT WINNER: Sandra Hellwege 191

C GRADE NETT WINNER: Judy Hughes 153

C GRADE NETT R/UP: Sue Farrell 160.


Best Nett Saturday:

Harry Brookes 68

Bob Sorensen 64

Judy Hughes 74

Sue Farrell 73


Pin Shots

Saturday Pins – Men All in on 12- Brad Cook 3.58

Ladies All in on 12: Diane Holewa 6m

Weekly Results 21 June Monthly Medal Sponsored by MLF Property Services


Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco

Ladies Trophy Winner: Pam Lindeberg (already won MM)

2nd Sudie Blinco

3rd Lee Craig

4th Ruth Grainger


Least Putts: Pam Lindeberg 25


Mens A Grade: David Hobbs 69

Mens B Grade: Herman Van Uitert 69

Mens A Grade R/Up: Don Scheeres 69

Mens B Grade R/Up: Stephen Lally 71

2nd Vincent Collins Pros 68

3rd Colin Dunn BS 70

4th John Bellette BS 70

5th Kevin Turner 71

6th Brett Scells BS 71


Pin Shots

No 6: Eddie Ramsamy 2.74

No 16 Mark Pearl 8m


Eagles Nest

No 1: Glen Carey

Members Birdy Pool: Skinner  

Visitors Birdy Pool – No 6 John Bellette BS


Weekly Results Stroke 14 June 2020


Ladies Winner: Sue Allsopp 65

2nd Sudie Blinco 67

3rd Marilyn Brodie 70

Pin Shots

No 16: Ruth Grainger 2.90


Mens Winner: Paul Fleischer 64C/B

2nd Michael Dunn BS 64 - scratch marker, 8 birdies! 

3rd Karl Blyth 66

4th Harrold Brookes 67

5th Peter Brittain 68

6th Chris Dunn BS 68

7th Justin Strong MOR 68

8th Bob Sorensen 69

9th Ting Li 69


Pin Shots

No 9: Peter Brittain 2.12m

No 12: Eric Budby .600mm


Eagles Nest No 1: Peter Brittain

Birdy Pool No 18: Peter Brittain and Don Smith


Visitors Birdy Pool 4:Michael Dunn



Weekly Results 7th June 2020 Stableford

Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 337

2nd Lee Craig 32

3rd Bev Dunn


Mens Winner:  Herman Van Uitert 39 C/B

2nd Neil Leah BS 39

3rd Eddie Ramsamy BS 36

4th Darryl Blyth 36

5th Luke Camphius MOR 36

6th Don Scheeres 35

7th Brett Scells BS 35

8th Rod Allen BS 34


Members Birdy Pool: No 11: Don Scheeres

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 10- Skinner



31 May 2020 Monthly medal Sponsored by North Jacklin


Ladies Winner: Marilyn Brodie 72

2nd Pam Lindeberg 74

3rd Ruth Grainger 76

4th Karen Vella 77

Least Putts – Sandra Hellwege 30


Mens A Grade: Steve Lockhard 70

Mens B Grade: Mark Pearl 68!!

Mens A Grade R/Up: Dave Lockhard 71

Mens B Grade R/Up: Steve Amos  71

2nd Ian Dunn BS

3rd Don Scheeres

4th Barny Robinson 72

5th Bob Sorensen 72

6th Michael Dunn BS 72

7th Terry Wallace BS 72


Least Putts

Don Smith 26

Sean Fletcher 26

Michael Dunn 26

Karl Blyth 26

Harry Brookes 26


Eagles Nest

No 1: Peter Brittain .5 – Congratulations and also getting the Birdy.

Members Birdy Pool: Mark Pearl &  Peter Brittain

Visitors Birdy Pool – Skinner


Weekly results 24th May – Stroke Comp that was rained out.

Joint Comp

Winner:  Ting Li 72 C/B

2nd Col Dunn BS 70

3rd Nev Dyne BS 71 C/B

4th Kevin Ross 71


Least Putts: Adam Fletcher 24


Stableford 17th May 2020


Ladies Winner: Denise Cook 33

2nd Sudie Blinco 29

3rd Barb Chrzanowski 28 C/B

4th Pam Lindeberg 28


Mens Winner: Steve Lockhard 46

2nd Ian Dunn (BS) 38

3rd Jeff New

4th Shane Vine 37

5th Race Ford (MKY) 36

6th Glen Carey 36

7th Ting Li 35

8th Leon Davidson (MKY)


Eagles nest & Birdy Pools- A Skinner


10th May 2020


VSS Results


Ladies Winner: Karen Vella +

2nd  Sue Farrell +2

3rd Sudie Blinco -4

4th Barb Chrzanowski -4


Mens Winner: Eric Budby +3

2nd Ting Li +2

3rd Rodney Allen (BS) +1

4th Brett Scells +1

5th Barny Robinson +1

6th Dave Lockhard 0

7th Max Triffett 0


Eagles Nest and Birdy Pools – A Skinner


Congratulations to Steve Kerr for Eagle on #3


3rd May 2020 Stablefor` d

Weekly Results

Ladies Winner:  Bev Dunn 38

2nd Sue Farrell 36

3rd Pam Lindeberg 35


Mens Winner: Bob Bann 41

2nd Rodney Allen BS 41

3rd Jason Grech BS 39

4th Trent Budby BS 37

5th Eric Budby 37

6th Bill Grainger 36

7th Jarrod Wilson 36


Eagles Nest – No 1 - Jarrod Wilson 0.70cm.

Members and Visitors Birdy Pool – A Skinner


Monthly Medal Sponsored By Golfking  26th April 2020


Weekly Results

Ladies Winner:  Sandy Lockhard  76

2nd Annie Hewitt  77

Least Putts: Robyn White and Judy Hughes 29.

Mens A Grade Winner: Tim Hughes 70

Mens A Grade R/Up: Steve Kerr 72

B Grade Winner: Cameron Beale 67

B Grade R/Up: Karl Blyth 72

2nd Eddie Ramsamy (BS) 72

3rd Nev Dyne  (BS) 72

4th Bob Bann 72

5th Glen Carey 73

6th Peter Brittain 73


Least Putts A Grade: Steve Kerr 24

Least Putts B Grade: Cameron Beale 28


Weekly Results Stableford 19th April


Ladies Winner: Pam Lindeberg 27

2nd Karen Vella 27

3rd Annie Hewitt 26


Mens Winner: Joel Musson 40

2nd Jeff New 36

3rd Luke Lauder (BS) 36 ** Congratulations for Eagle on #7

4th Frazer Jarrad (MKY) 36

5th John Farrington (MKY) 35

6th Dave Lockhard 35 C/B

7th Rob Bann 35

8th Aaron Dowe 35

9th Les Fitzsimmons 34


Members Birdy Pool # 10 – A Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool #16 – A Skinner


Stableford 12th April 2020


Ladies Winner:  Pam Lindeberg 37

2nd Bev Dunn 35

3rd Sudie Blinco 31


Mens Winner: Joel Watego 42

2nd Neil Leach (BS) 42

3rd Chris Hol MKY 37

4th Zack Fleischer (BNE) 37

5th Kevin Semmens 36 C/B

6th Jeremy Novosel (MKY) 36

7th Craig Evans (MKY) 36

8th Don Scheeres 36

9th Jason Bradford 36


Members Birdy Pool # 16 – Chris Goulevitch

Visitors Birdy Pool #1 – A Skinner


VSS 5th April 2020


Weekly Results


Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco +3

2nd Gillian McCallum -4

Mens Winner: Mal Smith +3

2nd Eddie Ramsamy (BS) +4

3rd Steve Lockhard +3

4th Trent Budby (BS) +2

5th Steve Campbell +1 C/B

6th Bob Bann +1

7th Peter Rogers +1

8th Steve Amos +1

Weekly Results  Monthly Medal  Sponsored by CMR Recycling   29th March 2020


Ladies Winner: Pam Lindeberg 73

2nd Sudie Blinco 76


Least Putts: Sudie Blinco


Mens A Grade Winner: Peter Brittain 71C/B

Mens A Grade R/Up:  Glen Carey 71

B Grade Winner: Jason Bradford 73

B Grade R/Up: Karl Blyth

3rd Neil Leach BS 68

4th Ashley Hicks MKY 72

5th Rod Bennett 72

6th Andrew Enfantie 73


Least Putts: A Grade: Steve Lally

Least Putts: B Grade: Karl Blyth

Weekly Results 22nd March 2020


Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 33

2nd Bec Knight 29


Pin Shots

No 9: Sudie Blinco


Mens Winner: Jarrod Wilson 40

2nd Joel Musson 38

3rd Phil Steele 37 C/B

4th Bob McKinstry 37

5th Steve Penfold 36

6th Paul Fleischer 35


Pin Shots

No 9: Barny Robinson

No 12: Ken Blinco

Weekly Results Stableford 1st March 2020


Winner: Shawn Keighley 40C/B

2nd Steve Penfold 40

3rd Kerry Duck (PV) 39

4th Chris Goulevitch 38

5th Neville Redhead 37 C/B

6th Barny Robinson 37


Pin Shots

No 9: Rod Bennett 2.4

2nd Shot No 9: Sudie Blinco

No 16: A Skinner

Weekly Results – Monthly Medal – Cancelled 23/2/2020


Ladies Winner:  Sandy Lockhard 77

Putts: Marilyn Brodie 32               


Mens Winner: Glen Carey 66

2nd Chris Goulevitch 69

3rd Rodney Allen 72


Pin Shots

No 6: Chris Goulevitch 1.88

No 9: Don Scheeres 5.1

No 12: Chris Goulevitch 4.58

No 16: A Skinner


Weekly Results Stableford 16th Feb


Ladies Winner: Judy Hughes 26 C/B

2nd Sandy Lockhard 26


Pin Shots

No 6: Pam Lindeberg


Mens Winner: Jarrod Wilson 42

2nd Zack Fleischer (BNE)

3rd Glen Carey 39

4th Joel Musson 38

5th Don Scheeres 38

6th Rodney Allen BS 37 C/B

7th Peter Brittain 37

8th Tim Hughes 36


Pin Shots

No 12: Peter Brittain 1.63

No 12: Chris Goulevitch 5.6

Weekly Results 9th February 2020  - Single Stroke

Ladies Winner:  Judy Hughes 75

2nd Pam Lindeberg 78


Pin Shots

No 9: Sudie Blinco  50CM


Mens Winner: Peter Brittain 69

2nd June Vergara (Tieri) 68

3rd Trent Budby BS 69

4th Neil Leach BS 69

5th Kev Davies 70 C/B

6th Rod Bennett 70

7th Phil Steele 70

8th Ross Elliott 70


Pin Shots

No 6: Kev Davies

No 16: Skinner


EaglesNest: A Skinner

Birdy Pool No 7: Peter Brittain

Visitors Birdy Pool No 16: A Skinner


Opening Day 2nd Feb 2020.


Ladies Winner: Bev Dunn 30

2nd Sudie Blinco 28

3rd Marilyn Brodie 26

Pin Shots

2nd Shot No 16: Sudie Blinco 1.40m


Mens Winner: Mal Smith 43

2nd Greg Burgess 40

3rd Joel Musson 38

4th Trent Budby BS 37 C/B

5th Tim Robinson BS 37

6th Paul Fleischer 36

7th Ross Elliott PV 35

8th Chris Scells BS 34


Pin Shots

No 9: Don Scheeres 5.54m

No 12: Kev Davies and Tim Hughes 3m

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