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Sarina Open 2020


🏆 Men's Open Results 2020 ⛳⛳🏆

CHAMPION        Chris Dunn 101 for the 3rd time since 2008.

Congratulations Chris!


A Grade Gross Winner                  Gavin Moran MKY 102

                Gross r’up                           Martin Francis SAR 103

                Nett                                       Jai- Lee Waters MKY 97

                Nett r’up                              Shane Page (MKY) 99

                2nd Nett R/Up                   Chris Goulevitch SAR

                Long drive                           Don Scheeres SAR

                Pin shot                                Shane Page

B Grade Gross Winner                   Steve Kerr SAR 113

                Gross r’up                           Eddie Halat SAR 115

                Nett                                       Duncan Watt 96

                Nett r’up                              Brad Cook SAR 99

                Nett 2nd r’up                     Herman Van Uitert SAR 100

                Nett 3rd r’up                      Peter Bourke (MKY) 100

                Long drive                           Darren Beale SAR

                Pin shot                                Rob Bann SAR

C Grade Gross Winner                   Drew Lawton SAR 122

                Gross r’up                           Robert Whalan SAR 124

                Nett                                       Dave Dryden SAR 97

                Nett r’up                              Shane Hoffman SAR 97

                2nd Nett R/Up                   Darren Sinn 102

                Long drive                          Drew Lawton  SAR

                Pin shot                                Mick Lindeberg SAR

                All in Pin shot                     Kevin Davies SAR

Congratulations! Thanks to all the staff, volunteers and helpers involved for making it great day. 🎉🏌️‍♀️🏆


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